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Have you created a plan so you can sprint over the line at year end or are you playing catch up and need some additional focus?

To this day I am yet to meet a person that intentionally and consciously self sabotages themselves in business. I don’t think anyone does it intentionally, however most times lack of self-discipline results in failure to plan. Planning can and more often than not, IS the difference between victory and loss in your business venture.

Good old Benjamin Franklin’s quote “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

I’m sure you’ve had that said to you at some point in your life, whether that be for a project to work or right down to preparing your food/groceries for the week ahead.

Mindset Vs. Strategy

It’s really quite a simple equation… “success” is 80% mindset & 20% strategy. Mindset is key.

Not only will it push you to get back up when you have a fall, but it will give you the drive that you need to be successful & help you to build resilience when things get tough… Which they inevitably will.

Yes, programming a winning mindset will get you far. It will power you to get back up after you’ve fallen, it will give you that determination to succeed and it will help build your resilience to keep going when it gets tough.