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Business Trends: 2020 & Beyond...

It is safe to say that if you’re not ahead, you’re falling behind.

Here’s some insight on business trends in 2020…

Artificial Intelligence taking over...

It is safe to say that AI has already changed the world. AI can help businesses of any size identify key information to drive their organisation forward. E.g. planning employee schedules, when to have meetings, noting how your people spend their time. Beyond that kind of daily assistance, AI can automate the most boring and monotonous tasks and assist with things such as hiring or improving your analytics in order to gain more of a competitive edge.

Businesses Prioritising Employee Health and Wellness

Now more than ever is the time to prioritise the health and wellness of your people. Better yet, lead from the front and prioritise your own! With all the challenges that so many of us are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is so important to create health initiatives. This trend is unquestionable and will continue beyond this pandemic. If you are looking to make great hires, top talent will expect nothing less.

It’s no recent news that investing in your employee’s health and wellness can keep your people engaged, productive and motivated… and the natural consequence of this is improving your bottom line.

Where possible, allowing your employees to work from home beyond social distancing requirements is an obvious starting point. If this isn’t an option, it would be ideal to consider offering flexible working arrangements enabling your people to spend time with family or make those doctor’s appointments that have been constantly sacrificed in order to “show up”, and constantly be working. Balance people!

Mobile Marketing Creativity

Everyone is so connected through their phones in 2020. Next year it is expected that there will be 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide. This is undoubtedly the future of marketing and business.

Geo-targeting to provide targeted advertisements to customers close to your business has been around for a while, however, is inevitably going to become far more popular in a mobile capacity. Advertising your business these days is as simple as a click of a button – Providing your business plan translates to a clear message and service.

Many businesses these days are moving into the tech space and are creating apps that enables share promotions, and updates with their customers.

SMS or text marketing is becoming far more favourable when staying in contact with customers when they opt in. Beyond offers, you can easily empower your customers to make mobile payments now.

Story telling has been around for ions, however the power of storytelling has excelled with it becoming so much easier to tell your personal or business story, or livestream videos via social accounts – this in itself if done well generates amazing credibility and brand awareness. This will help your business become more visible and engaging to a video-hungry audience.

GEN Z Declaring War!

It may or may not surprise you to know, that GenZ (1995-2012) now OUTNUMBER Millennials! So, what do we know about GenZ? They’re entering the workforce during an unprecedented time, and they’re also representing a HUGE customer base. So, what does this tell us? PIVOT!

You need to cater to their unique preferences, values, all things GenZ. Learn about them.

My observations have told me:

  • Generation Z leans towards brands that are socially “conscious”

  • They can be inclusive, and diverse

  • They are consistently seeking learning opportunities

  • They’re notoriously tech savvy…

  • They also treasure the old-fashioned meet and greet.

If you are looking for growth or generally appealing to the masses with your product/service be sure to capitalise on these preferences. In doing so you will find yourself appealing to this generation & support innovation as a whole.

It is time to go cashless…

Yes... you read correctly. I know so many of you small business owners can’t get past this but honestly… we need to talk.

We all know it’s not exactly a new concept (at all), but with every year that passes the number of non-cash transactions does continue to rise. In 2016-17 alone there was an increase of 10%. So, in light of Covid-19, Cashless payments will continue to rise. Not sure how to go about this? Get in touch.

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