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I’m positive you’ve all heard about a “unique value proposition” or a “UVP” before… If not, in short this is the promise that you are giving to consumers. It is your solution summarised. It is a statement that is consistent that explains to consumers the BENEFIT that you offer, WHO it will benefit, and WHY you are the absolute best choice for them.

As your business develops, your value proposition will be what defines the purpose of your business AND your relationship with your clients. It should ALWAYS be clear and concise.

To create an effective UVP, you need to know and understand your target demographic.

Who are your customers? What do they care about? What is the problem that they have, that you can solve? Why are you the BEST business to solve that problem? What benefit will these customers gain from working with you?

When you understand your clients needs, values, and wants you are going to be in a position to create a value proposition that actually appeals to them.

Why Is a Value Proposition Important?

Your UVP doesn't need to be something you share directly with your customers as a statement or as a part of a conversation, but it should form the basis of every product