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Embracing change enables progress and results.

“Staying stuck”, and lacking innovation hinders a company or a business’s point of difference and sustainability in a saturated marketplace.

Way back when (pick your date), large companies and their executive teams had simple goals for themselves, and their organisations: Stability. So many markets were either closed, or undeveloped. Leaders were able to deliver on simple expectations through annual exercises that offered only MODEST modifications to a strategic plan. Prices stayed in check, people stayed in their jobs, life was good.

Fast forward to 2020, thanks to technology enabling market transparency, labor mobility, global capital flows and instantaneous communications, the simple approach toward stability has been smashed to smithereens.

In most industries now, heightened global competition has concentrated leadership in all companies from corporate giants to small businesses to something that in the past it happily avoided.


The world is changing – Keeping up with the market is a growth, and survival strategy.

Successful companies develop a culture that “just keeps moving”.