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Emotional Electricity

Updated: May 4, 2020

I recently read a story about a woman that spent a large part of her career working with the elderly in the late stages of life. This woman found that there were five specific things that they all said they regret.  

"I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me"

"I wish I hadn’t worked so hard"

"I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings"

"I wish I had of stayed in touch with my friends"

"I wish that I allowed myself to feel true happiness"

Imagine that... getting to the end of your life and realising that you don't get a do-over. 

The reality is, most people do exactly that.

It is safe to say I personally have been exposed to some interesting, situations in life so far. Though, somehow through all the noise I have found myself clear on values and grounded in more ways than one.

Over the years self discovery and self awareness has forced me to surrender to the realization that as humans our psychology, drives our physiology. That our perception is based on only what we believe to be true. 

We now live in a world of endless opportunity and with all of this limitless potential, comes a lot of noise. Most of the time, we all fail to authentically connect with one another. The noise of the world we live in mutes the sound of our inner voice, and thus, our intuition and connections pay the price for it.

The reality of our limited time completely escapes us. Its easy to forget that there is only one life. Every minute that passes is irreversible.

This comes down to something so simple, yet profound and uncomfortable for most. A lack of consciousness, a lack of presence. Yet, the more conscious you become, the more powerful you become.

When I say powerful, I don’t mean becoming an ego centric narcissist. I mean real, true, authentic, humble power, that is both magnetic and inspiring, and it comes from the core. 

Magnetic human power is driven through us by energy… and no, I’m not talking about what fuels our lighting and stove tops. I am referring to that powerful source that we are all born with, that incredible thing that has the power to unite, and divide us all.

But what is energy, really?

Think about this… we all breathe air, inhale and exhale. In the same way, I believe we also all take in, and omit energy from multiple sources. More often than not, the primary source being the people around us.

Energy is like discovering your passion, listening to it, exploring it. It’s like the forward charging spirit that creates challenges and embraces change in challenges.

I call it emotional electricity.

So why do we need energy?

In my experience as a leader, business consultant and sales trainer I believe and have found that it is so important to lead with a positive energy. Leading change with a positive energy, throws gears into acceleration mode, and forces action. 

We need it to counter balance all the negative and disruptive energy that penetrates our subconscious minds, and filters into the way we all behave at times.

We need it to unite people, to remove individual barriers, and individual idiosyncrasies. To build trust, create a safe space, and allow people to feel loved. 2,000 years ago, a great leader once said “love one another, as I have loved you”.

What a profound statement, fuelled by energy from the core & powerful enough to be passed down as a statement that millions of people alive today can identify with. Not a religious statement whatsoever, but an extraordinary leadership fact.

Emotive energy transcends normal communication and rational ways of thinking… It inspires people to do, and give more.

Energy needs to come from your core, that is what makes it work.

There are three simple, yet profound things that drive human energy.




Since the creation of man, trust is where we all derive our greatest strength and power. It is like an exterior heart that all energy flows through. I often think of it as a cognitive and emotional sea, where our deepest compassion and our greatest thoughts are free to flow, undeterred by human insecurity.

Trust is the basis of every human relationship, and single handily the most powerful force of POSITIVE energy. Without trust, energy cannot be formed, but when it’s in place it unlocks freedom and peace.

I view intuition as a form of wisdom. I see it as the gift of knowing without reasoning. When you’re not forced to over think things, it’s amazing the clarity that emerges.

Intuition is usually more right than wrong, but we humans just love to convince ourselves otherwise.

Why do we value thinking, over feeling?

Why aren’t we taught to follow our natural inclinations and to protect POSSIBILITY over just accepting probability?

I can say all of this, as in the short time that I have lived I have experienced a lot. Aside from professional milestones and achievements, I have experience in intuition and feeling. I am 50/50... half right brain creative, half left brain logical.

I have learned to feel my way through life, personally and professionally. I have learned to listen, be perceptive, receptive, to change, and to constantly live in ambiguity.

Belief is the final element of human energy, and to me it is the more rational side of energy.

The way I see it, it kind of begins with hope, and it is then reinforced with facts and evidence, then becomes a belief. Think of it as “setting the energy in motion”, the action BEFORE it happens, the mental source of alignment.

I’m sure you have all heard the saying “success breeds success”. Belief is what creates that.

How you make other people feel, based on trust, intuition, and belief, is ultimately going to be what defines your life. What you give, is what you get. 

Understanding these core values will open the doors to a life that you love, thrive in, and doing so you will unconsciously liberate others in life and business to do the same.

Remember, people will forget what you did, they will also forget what you said. But they will never forget the way you made them feel. 

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