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Your value proposition has to be relevant to your ideal target market. So this means, it’s important to get laser focused on exactly who your ideal client is, and why. In my experience it is extremely common for a business to have to constantly adapt, refocus and review their targeting, particularly if they have not clearly identified that ideal client in the early stages of business.

It’s so important in this process to strike the right balance when defining your target market. Your audience needs to be able to recognise that you are talking specifically to them. This often does require a business to get very specific with their target market, so the message being conveyed is compelling, clear and strong.

Let’s talk BRANDING… why is having a target market important for branding?

Identifying and gaining the loyalty of your target audience is the best way to reach your brand objectives. You will find that knowing your target market intricately you will have all of the information that you need to be able to reach your brand marketing goals. You can start by conducting a market analysis.

Depending on the amount of detail in your market analysis, you will have the capabilities of collecting enough data to be able to learn about what you need to know to REACH your target effectively. Knowing your target audience, you will help to solidify a message AND increase your confidence around communicating and connecting with the right audience.

Let this sink in: the POWER of your brand, relies on your ability to focus and craft a marketing message that will CONVERT prospects into customers.