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Strategies to Improve and Promote Engagement

“She’s an engaging facilitator!”

I bet you’re thinking… great, what exactly does that mean? Are you just born that way?

Well, you may have a natural proclivity, and I personally have always been an animated person & able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. However, that is not to speak for the larger percentage of people that struggle with engaging an audience to deliver a message that resonates, and is heard. This not only goes for physical meetings, but comes right down to something that we do more of now - Live Videos.

I still remember getting ready to participate in my first Moot Court at university… the facts racing through my mind and a sweaty brow line forming fast. My Uncle Andre (Director at Ariel Group Australia) looked at me and said, “Bon, you need to take a deep breath and imagine yourself like you’re 10 feet tall. Stand with your hands on your hips, just like this (as he demonstrated)…I call this the “Superman Pose” he said.

I looked at him and thought to myself “...what on earth are you on about”. I gave it a go anyway... and it gave birth to my true comprehension of our psychology driving our physiology... that we need to constantly fuel our mind and body with intentional positive thoughts, affirmations and actions to give life to our magic.

In hindsight, and knowing what i know now Uncle A was really on the money! Not only about that but many things that add value in a facilitation and leadership capacity. In later years I have found myself implementing little "1% ers" to continuously improve my level of engagement when facilitating or leading meetings, sales training, onboarding, meeting with new prospects, or even zoom calls. Working across multiple industries including but not limited to Advertising, Insurance (personal & general), Finance, Health and Fitness, Martial Arts, Direct Selling, Building & Construction and more, one thing is an absolute consistent truth - Being engaging is a completely learnable skill, so here are my top tips:

Enthusiasm For Days

Enthusiasm is the “secret sauce” that separates the most successful people in any profession from all the rest. It’s not sufficient by itself, but it is required. A great facilitator and friend of mine based in Dubai, UAE