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TOP Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Dealing with the difficult issues is a boss’ lot in life. Can I get an A-MEN?! There’s definitely not just sunshine and rainbows when you’re the owner of a business. Particularly when it comes to recruiting for your business. Here are six colossal mistakes that employers face when looking for a salesperson.

#1: Your Job Description is UNCLEAR – or, non-existent...

How are you supposed to hire the perfect employee to fit the requirements that your business needs if you don’t know what you want? It’s an extremely common mistake to announce that you’re starting to recruit without actually determining the essentials of the job position and also having a clear and concise job description. Expecting the BRAND-NEW employee to know what to do in your company from the first day that they walk into your business is extremely unrealistic. I mean, it’s wonderful if they can just hit the ground running, but it’s also important to not assume that this will be the case.

You can’t hire the perfect salesperson if you don’t know who you want. The most common hiring mistake is to announce you’re hiring without even determining the essentials of the job position and writing a decent job description. If you’re expecting that the right sales rep will know what to do in your company from the first second of his working day, you’re wrong.

Before even putting the word out that you’re hiring, define the clear duties the job will involve, required skills and experience, who the person will report to and the type of personality that will cooperate well with your business goals. Based on the specifications you created, the job posting will reflect your business peculiarities and will help you narrow your choice, attracting qualified candidates who understand the role.

Mistake #2: Exhausting Your Time Resources on Interviewing