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Before you start writing, first we need to choose your template style! There are 3 to choose from and I recommend you check out all 3 before you make a final decision.  

Choose Template #1: The Classic Converter if....

 This is a brand new offer without a ton of social proof
You're looking for a classic framework for your sales page



Choose Template #2: The Proven Offer if....

You have a ton of social proof and testimonials from past clients and customers
You want to show off the results you've been able to help others achieve



Choose Template #3: The Game Changer if....

Your offer challenges the current way people were taught to do something
You want to replace those existing beliefs with a better way of doing something

 You've achieved awesome results for yourself doing something outside of the box and you want to show other people how to do the same

You have a lower priced offer (under $400)


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